Basil Collection


Superb aromas and flavours for a huge range of culinary dishes.

A collection of 6 basils, each separately packed.

Lemon Ocimum basilicum
Lemon flavour and aroma, ideal for salads, pasta and fish dishes.
(average 150 seeds)
Red Rubin Ocimum basilicum
Subtle flavour and deep red leaves, gives a 'lift' to salads, stir fries and pasta.
(average 150 seeds)
Lettuce Leaf Ocimum basilicum
Largest basil leaf, traditional flavour, looks great when used as a garnish.
(average 150 seeds)
Sweet Ocimum basilicum
The most popular, aromatic large leaved basil, with a sweet aniseed flavour.
(average 250 seeds)
Minette Ocimum basilicum
Sweet, slightly spicy flavour, the traditional basil used for pizzas.
(average 150 seeds)
Thai Ocimum basilicum
Used in oriental dishes, the flavour combines both aniseed and spice.
(average 150 seeds)