Indoor & Outdoor Pots

Indoor & Outdoor Pots Outdoor Pots
Hanging Baskets, Troughs, Terracotta, Plastic & Wooden Containers.... We stock them all!

A stunning range of pots and containers in terracotta, glazed and stone. Terracotta, earthenware, pottery, ceramics, are all general terms to describe pots made from different materials, fired at low or high temperatures, with or without glazing.

Hanging Basket & Container Accessories
If you can resist our beautiful ready planted hanging baskets, and decide to plant you own, we have everything you need for the perfect hanging basket.
We have an extensive range of baskets from the traditional wire basket, (with a full range of moss, sisal and co-co fibre liners to match all shapes and sizes), to a lovely selection of woven wicker and willow baskets in a variety of designs. And with a wide selection of brackets, there should be one to suit any location.

To get the best results from your basket for the longest time, we also stock water gels and other watering aids, along with slow release fertilizers and a range of composts formulated to your specific needs.

Indoor Pot Covers
Add colour to your home, cover your plant pot or simply enhance the flower or plant with a dash of colour. At Fron Goch we have a wide selection of pot covers. With different designs, patterns, sizes and colours we are sure you will find something that will send you 'potty'.