Garden Central 1.22m Flexi Curve Recycled Rubber Scallop Garden Edging - H9cm


This Flexi-Curve Garden Edging is ingeniously made from recycled car tyres, making this an eco-friendly means of lining beds or pathways that is also lightweight and attractive. The rubber material is softer than wood or concrete, ideal for gardens frequented by children, while also being highly durable, weatherproof and hard wearing. It is flexible and easy to install and is supplied with installation spikes for secure positioning. By using recycled rubber in your garden you can trust that you’re doing your bit to keep tyres out of landfills and rubbish tips, while also making the most of a material that is both practical and looks great.

Flexi-Curve Edging is easy to cut with a saw or jigsaw. There are pre-cut holes down the centre for the spikes to be installed. The holes can be drilled to make installation easy, though hammering the spikes through the rubber will create an especially good grip around the spikes helping to hold the border in place.

Height 9cm (3.5in)
Length 122cm (4ft)
Depth 0.5cm
Weight 4.1kg