Green Basics Grow Table (XXL) + Green Basics Grow House (XXL)



Green Basics Grow Table XXL - 29.99

- Now you can start growing your own vegetables or fruit on your own balcony or patio.
- This handy growing tray from Elho provides you with your own vegetable garden at an ideal working height.
- Watch your plants grow, from cuttings into the tastiest vegetables or fruit straight from your own garden.
- The hollow legs have a hole at the bottom, which ensures that excess water is drained.

Green Basics Grow House XXL - 19.99

- The Elho Green Basics Grow House is a hood which ensure the best growth climate for your small cuttings, tomato plants, lettuce or herbs.
- This is partly accomplished by the ventilation controller at the top, allowing you to regulate the temperature and air supply so your plants and herbs will start growing in no time.
- Simply attach the grips to the grow table with a single click. This will prevent the grow house from being blown away and pests from getting to the seeds, cuttings and plants.
- The UV-filter protects the plants when the table is standing in the full sun.
- The only thing you have to do is to water your plants every now and then and enjoy your very own harvest!
-All products from the green basic collection by Elho are made of recycled plastic.

Start growing your own herbs and vegetables and get a perfect harvest by buying both the 'Elho Grow House' (19.99) and the 'Elho Green Grow Table' (29.99).

[Green Basics Grow Table]
Size W 75.5 x H 65.1 x D 36.5 cm
[Green Basics Grow House]
Size W 74.8 x H 20.3 x D 35.5cm