Hartman Roma 3x3 Pergola Curtains in Caramel (CURTAINS ONLY)


RRP - £109.99 - you save £40.00

Extend your Hartman Roma 3x3 Pergola. These caramel curtains are designed to be used with the bronze and caramel Roma Pergola.

The attachments for these curtains can be added to your pergola quickly and easily. Once the fixings are in place, these curtains can be attached and removed as and when needed, providing excellent shade from sun and protection from the wind.

In the event of a high winds and bad weather we recommend that you remove
the cover and secure your furniture, as well as removing the parasol from within
the table.
In some cases, very strong winds could damage your glass/ceramic top, cover
and any cantilever / free standing parasols.

This guarantee excludes damage by fire, flood or any severe environmental condition for which the
furniture and installation were not designed, including smoke, damp, high temperatures and damage
caused by extreme wind.

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