Hozelock Ultimate 30m


For those where only the ‘best’ will do, the ULTIMATE hose has the following features:

- Includes Super TricoflexTM technology creating an Ultralite, anti-kink and anti-twisting hose without compromising on robustness.
- The Ultralite technology makes hose 25% lighter than other hoses of the same length and diameter, making it much easier to manoeuvre in the garden.
- A 30 year guarantee* proves this hose to be long lasting, durable and crush proof, having gone through the most extreme testing in our Hozelock labs.
- A 5 layer reinforced knitted structure which provides controlled flexibility and resilience.
- It's silky texture allows it to glide smoothly through the garden, easily to manoeuvre and effortless to wind onto a system without any fuss.

  • Product Code:185090

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