Kadai Chimney Starter


The Chimney Starter is a safe, efficient and natural way to get a barbecue ready for cooking in just 10 minutes. This method is very safe and there is no need for lighter fluid to get your barbecue up to cooking temperature. The Chimney Starter is incredibly easy to use. Just fill the starter almost to the top with briquettes or lump wood charcoal. Place firelighters or scrunched up newspaper in the center of your Kadai fire bowl and light, then carefully position the Chimney Starter over the top of the flames. After 10 minutes a red glow should be observed coming from the bottom of the starter with small ash deposits forming, the charcoal is now at cooking temperature. Using a heat proof glove just tip out the hot charcoal onto your BBQ and it is ready to cook on, all in 10 minutes.