Miracle Gro. Patch Magic Dog Spot Repair(10 patches)


Miracle-Gro Patch Magic Dog Spot Repair

The speedy solution to repairing lawns damaged by dogs. Miracle-Gro Patch Magic Dog Spot Repair solves the main issue that faces dog-owning gardeners bare patches on lawns caused by urine burns. Neutralises and repairs urine burns in lawns. Contains grass seed, coir and gypsum.

Banish brown patches for good

Based on UKs number one grass seed, Miracle-Gro Patch Magic, Dog Spot Repair is the easy-to-use, one-step solution to the problem. It is convenient to use and fast acting, so you can repair the toughest lawn bare patches quickly and easily.

Gypsum is a calcium-rich mineral that helps re-balance the soil nutrient levels to improve grass seedling establishment and growth. The Miracle-Gro grass seed mix is made from specially selected high performance, salt-tolerant varieties of dwarf perennial ryegrass and fine fescues. Coir is a super-absorbent growing medium that creates a microclimate that protects the seed as it establishes and the seedlings as they grow.