Patio Magic - treats up to 85 sq.m


Patio Magic

- Cleans and controls unsightly green mould and algae
- Highly concentrated disinfectant
- Simple to mix and apply
- Use on any external hard surface or as a pre-paint fungicidal wash

Dilute Patio Magic with tap water in a low-pressure garden sprayer or watering can:

Normal use: dilute 1:4 (1-part Patio Magic to 4-parts tap water)
Light growth: dilute 1:9 (1-part Patio Magic to 9-parts tap water)

To mix and apply the solution:

1. Dilute the product with half the intended water then top up to the full amount.
2. Spray or use a fine rose to saturate the surface on your affected hard surface(s).
3. Leave it to dry and let it clean - just like magic!

Do not use this product outside if rain is expected in the next 5-6 hours.