Stewart Premium Garden Sieve


Stewart Premium Garden Sieve

This Stewart Garden 36cm Garden Sieve is the ideal gardening tool to help you to improve the quality and consistency of your soil. Also known as a "riddle", a good garden sieve allows the diligent gardener to remove unwanted debris such as twigs, gravel, stones and large lumps of clay from their soil, which overall provides a finer tilth.

The Stewart Garden 36cm Sieve is perfect for preparing your soil prior to planting seeds and potting. Additionally, it can be used to help separate soil from harvested vegetables. Made from high quality toughened plastic to ensure durability.

Key Features:
Strong and ergonomic.
Easily washed and sterilised.
Ideal for sieving compost into finer particles for sowing seeds etc.

Dimensions: 10 x 36cm diameter Material: Plastic Colour: Green