Tom Chambers 'Oswald' Bird Table


Tom Chambers Oswald Bird Feeding Table

This is truly a wonderful bird table with decorative owl etching, adding charm & character. It will definitely keep your feathered friends happy and healthy all year long.

Featuring a hand cut slate roof to help keep feed dry, this table comes with shaped sides that add interest and help to stop feed waste. This bird table also features solid round rustic timber, adding a traditional style in creating the perfect cottage garden look.

Has been manufactured in the UK from FSC certified timber, making it safer for the environment and handcrafted from luxury Swedish redwood having good resistance to rot and insect attack, certainly built to last.

Key Features
Height 155cm
Decorative owl etching to add charm & character
Hand cut Slate roof, to help keep feed dry
Solid stand for stability
Shaped sides, adding interest and to stop feed waste
Manufactured in the UK from FSC certified timber, making the environment safer
Handcrafted from Swedish redwood giving good resistance to rot & insect attack