Tomato Plants 9cm



9cm Pot Tomato Plants
For small, flavoursome tomatoes, try this reliable and heavy cropping cultivar. A cordon (indeterminate) type. Good in growing bags or pots.

Growing your own tomatoes is simple and just a couple of plants will reward you with plenty of delicious tomatoes in the summer. There are all sizes of tomatoes to try, from the tiniest cherry types, favourites with children, through to full-flavoured giant beefsteak tomatoes.

‘Tumbler:A trailing tomato that can be grown in hanging baskets. A small bush (determinate) cultivar.

Fron Goch Mix could include any of the following: Fron Goch Mix, Shirley, Basket Tumbling Tom Red, Alicante, Patio Blush Red Alert, Moneymaker, Super Sweet 100, Golden Sunrise, Big Boy

If the variety you choose is unavailable we will substitute with the nearest, best option. This occurs often.

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