Westland Drop Spreader for lawns


Westland Drop Spreader for application of lawn fertiliser and grass seed

Variable Settings
Even Spread
Easy to use and assemble
10L hopper capacity

Accurate and easy application of lawn treatment products.
Traditional drop spreader with on/off switch

Size spreading wide 41cm (16 inches)

‌Before inserting the appropriate Westland lawn product, always set the adjustable lever to zero .
Do not fill the spreader on the lawn.
Place the spreader on a sheet of newspaper or plastic to avoid spillage on paths/patios

‌Set calibration lever on top of the hopper to appropriate setting to start applying the product. It is important to start walking immediately after the lever is set as the product will start discharging from the spreader. ‌It is recommended to treat 2/3 stripes of lawn alongside fences and hedges to avoid having to make difficult manoeuvres along these perimeters. This will allow you to treat the rest of the lawn in stripes.

‌Walk at a steady pace up and down the lawn, slightly overlapping the edges to prevent stripes until you have covered the required distance

‌If rain does not fall within 48 hours, it is best to water the lawn thoroughly

‌The lawn is safe for use by children and pets once the product has been watered in.