Wolf Garten 2pc Patio Care Set


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Wolf Garten 2pc Patio Care Set

Comprises of:

Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Weeding Brush
Product Code: FBM

- Stiff steel bristles removes weeds
- Easy on your back
- Reaches between gaps with ease
- Recommended Handle / Grip: All multi-change handles

The new multi-star weeding brush is a convenient solution to facilitate the removal of every weed.
By means of the unique Click lock the weeding brush can be fitted to the matching handle from the patented multi-star tool system within seconds.
In this way it is comfortable to work while standing upright. The steel bristles of the weeding brush facilitate the removal of every weed.
Featuring stiff steel bristles to remove tough weeds and moss from between paving slabs; clears your patio quickly and without bending.

Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Garden Scraper
Product Code: - FKM

- Application: Cleaning
- Recommended Handle / Grip: All multi-Change handles
- Extras: Galvanized, hardened steel blade
- Flat edge cuts weeds whilst hook removes debris

The FK-M multi-star Garden Scraper is intended for removing grass, moss and weeds from between slabs, from corners in walls, and stairs.
The galvanized, hardened steel blade guarantees a long working life and a precise cut.
All handles are suitable for the multi-star Garden Scraper.

Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Aluminium Handle 142cm
Product Code: ZMI15

- Fits all multi-change® tool-heads excluding saws
- High-quality plastic and aluminium
- Safety button to prevent unintentional unlocking
- Lightweight and strong

The very light and highly stable ZMi15 multi-star Aluminium Handle, with a length of 142 cm, is the ideal partner to the multi-star mini and multi-star cleaning tools. But in combination with the other multi-star connection tools, it is also a handy partner for all work in and around the garden. The rustproof aluminium tube, with its practical multi-star safety lock, guarantees a safe and secure tool-to-handle connection.
* Dimensions: L: 142 cm ; * Material: Aluminium

  • Product Code:FBM/FKM/ZMI15